Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Taiji 太極拳) is a gentle, low-impact exercise suitable for students of any age and varying physical ability. It is a therapeutic exercise derived from Chinese martial arts, focusing on the circulation of Chi (Qi 氣), or "life energy" found within all living things. Sometimes called "moving meditation," millions around the world practice it daily as a gentle stress reducing exercise.

Practicing Tai Chi can:
~ Reduce Stress
~ Increase mobility, flexibility and balance
~ Increase energy and vitality
~ Improve general health
~ Provide relief from asthma, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure and more.

Tai Chi classes include Chi Kung (Qigong 氣功), the ancient practice of using the mind to naturally develop the body's energy through breathing, movement, and meditation. Chi Kung helps to increase energy and stamina through the oxygenation of cells within the body.

Tai Chi programs offered will include: Simplified 24, Yang-Style (楊氏) Long Form, Qigong and Pushing Hands.

Beginners Tai Chi Class Q & A

1) What do I wear to class?   

A uniform is not required. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing and layers if you tend to get cold/warm quickly. Any footwear that does not have a high "lift" is best for Tai Chi like a flat-bottom shoe. No sandals please.

2) What Tai Chi form will I learn?
There are many styles of Tai Chi and you will be learning The Simplified Tai Chi 24 form.

3) What happens if I miss a class or two?
If you attend on a once a week basis, you are able to make-up a class on an alternate day.

4) What are the COVID protocols?
Fully vaccinated individuals will have the option to wear a mask. Non-vaccinated individuals will be required to wear a mask at all times. We will maintain the proper distancing from one another. If you are feeling sick or someone you have had close contact with is sick, please do not attend class.

New Beginners Tai Chi Classes

Forming now for January 2022!

For details, CLICK HERE!

Beyond Beginner's Tai Chi:

After completing the  introductory class, students will have several options for additional study.   A student may wish to continue instruction to refine and learn the bare hand form. Courses in Pushing Hands, Qigong, Taiji Ruler, Taiji Ball, Taiji Saber and Taiji Sword are also available to both deepen and enhance a student's Taiji practice.